Why You NEED to Reject Women’s Fitness Norms if You Ever Want to Have a Better Body

My online client Tina knew this better than anybody.

For years, she lived in a body she wasn’t confident with.

But it wasn’t like she didn’t try to make changes.

It was that the solutions she tried were rooted in traditional women’s fitness. You know, the usual…

  • Light weights and ultra high reps
  • Super low calorie restrictive diets
  • Grueling cardio sessions
  • Avoiding carbs and other “bad” foods
  • Repetitive circuits and group exercise classes

All of which got her nowhere.

Which was incredibly discouraging.

She did everything she was supposed to do. But nothing changed her body.

Not even a little bit.

Sound familiar?

After she rejected women’s fitness norms, however, she changed her life.

You’re Not to Blame

The way fitness is presented to you as a woman is completely misleading.

Dishonest marketing has led you to believe women’s fitness is a fragile, delicate thing.

That YOU are a fragile, delicate thing.

You’re better than that. Just so you know….

→ The elliptical, bike, and treadmill aren’t very effective for fat loss

→ High reps don’t magically tone your muscles

→ There’s NO such thing as “women’s” exercises

→ You couldn’t get bulky if you tried

→ Sweat and soreness mean nothing

But that’s what you’re told, and it’s a damn shame.

Because it leads to you to waste effort for nothing. Which is why I created…

The Women’s Transformation Group

(12 Week Program: April 1st through June 23rd)

Being a member of this 12 week group training program provides you with…

  • Daily accountability to a workout program you’ll actually enjoy
  • Group support from like-minded women for when you’re not feeling motivated
  • Access to the most effective nutritional methods for sustainable fat loss
  • Opportunities to refine your exercise technique for better results
  • Weekly Q&A’s to clear up any transformation-related questions

And much, much more.

Here are the requirements for being considered for a spot:

  • Must have fat loss goals
  • Must be injury-free
  • Must have access to standard gym equipment
  • Must be familiar with basic exercises (squats, rows, push-ups, etc.)
  • Must be willing to work out 4x/wk for 20-40 minutes
  • Must be willing to submit before and after photos

This group is not for you if…

  • You also want to follow other exercise programs
  • You expect to lose more than 5-20 pounds during the 12 week period
  • You’re not willing to commit to the nutrition end of things
  • You’re not willing to engage in the group
  • You’re not willing to send before and after photos*
  • You’re not willing to commit to the entire 12 weeks

If you don’t meet all those requirements, this particular group isn’t for you.

*Photos will NEVER be publicly shared without permission. Their primary purpose is tracking progress.

How Group Training Works

You’ll be added to a members-only Facebook group.

This is a tight-knit, supportive community where the 12 week program is hosted. Your extensive program covers…

  • How to eat for fat loss in a way that doesn’t make you miserable
  • The exact template Tina used to lose 100+ pounds
  • Where to spend your time in the gym for the most dramatic transformation
  • The best ways to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet and still lose fat
  • Workouts that are short, effective, and enjoyable

Unlike most fitness groups, I’m not going to drop off your program and go MIA. Every week, I’ll personally be in the group, posting…

  • Q&A’s to remove any stress and confusion from your transformation
  • Rapid fat loss methods to get you the body you want
  • Mystery workouts for added fun and variety
  • Technique reviews for safer, more effective workouts
  • Recipe days where we share simple, fat-loss friendly meals

…And it all starts at just $14.99/wk.

For under the cost of just a few personal training sessions, you’ll be a part of this group for three months.

Don’t Just Take It From Me

Every Friday, group members share their “non-scale wins.” Here’s what some group members have shared:

The Group’s Biggest Limitation

There is one downside to this group, however.

I have no choice but to limit group numbers.

I refuse to let anybody get lost in the crowd. I know every group member, what their goals are, and what they’re having trouble with.

This requires a fairly small community.

If you’re serious about…

  • Losing 5-20 pounds of body fat
  • Connecting with supportive, like-minded women with similar goals
  • Removing the stress of “what to do” at the gym
  • Ditching endless, boring cardio
  • Eating carbs, alcohol, and dessert (guilt-free)

…it’s in your best interest to apply right away:

 Still Have Questions?

Good. That tells me you’re serious about this. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

(Q) How long is the program?

This is a 12 week program.

(Q) Do I have to belong to a gym?

Ideally, yes. While the program emphasizes lots of free weight and bodyweight exercises, some workouts do require basic gym equipment.

(Q) How long do the workouts take?

Each workout takes 20-40 minutes.

(Q) How many days per week will I be working out?

The program calls for four workouts per week.

(Q) Can I still do other workouts and classes?

In moderation, yes. But this program isn’t designed to be combined with other routines.

(Q) Do I have to be advanced?

You must be comfortable with basic exercises, like squats, push-ups, rows, etc.

(Q) What if I don’t know how to do some of the exercises?

When you receive the program, every exercise is hyperlinked to a video demo.

(Q) I have nutritional restrictions. Will the program account for that?

This program works for a variety of nutrition needs. It’s based on nutrition principles, not strict “rules.”

(Q) Will I get a meal plan?

No, as meal plans are usually a bad idea. Instead, you’ll get two nutrition systems that can be customized to your food preferences, schedule, etc.

(Q) What kind of results can I expect?

If the program is followed, members can expect to lose 5-25 pounds over 12 weeks.

(Q) How much does the program cost?

This program starts at just $14.99/wk.

The Clock’s Ticking…

We’re rapidly closing in on the launch of the next group.

After April 1st, you’ll have to wait until June to be a part of this.

Even then, current and former members get first dibs on the next group.

If you’re done with following women’s fitness norms and never seeing results, don’t waste even more time: