Here’s what clients have had to say about working with Hercules Performance:

I would recommend Sam to others primarily because he cares deeply about his work and about his clients. He has plenty of knowledge to share, and holds himself to high standards as a person, trainer, and friend. Every time that I doubted the validity of my own participation in this program and training in general, he was unfazed, understanding, and highly encouraging. Sam takes the time to understand his clients as full people, and in doing so makes the entire process more effective and sustainable. I can’t say enough about how supported I felt by him in trying this for the first time. It was initially a scary and vulnerable undertaking, but with Sam’s support I felt proud of myself and justified in being here.

Amanda C.

I started working with Sam about 8 months ago and walked in not knowing how to work out properly, hating the gym, and not seeing the results I wanted for my goals. Since then, I have not only come to love weight lifting and being strong, I have also learned proper form, nutrition practices, and have seen amazing strength/physique changes. Sam is by far, one of the most knowledgeable, positive, and motivating coaches. There is a lot more to the weight loss journey than I initially thought, but with Sam’s help and guidance it has been nothing but a positive, and rewarding experience working with him.

Andrea G.

Andrea's Transformation

Andrea’s Transformation

…I began lifting 3 times a week with Sam and immediately saw results. I went from 120 lbs. my junior season of cross to 143 lbs. my senior season without any regression in speed. During my time with Sam, I learned practices in nutrition and fitness that have allowed me to continue to see results. It is one thing to just exercise and another is exercising with a purpose. Knowing the muscles you want to train, how to train them and the nutrition you need: a few of the many things you will learn and apply with Sam Forget.

Owen B.


I hired Sam because I wanted to lose the weight I had gained in college. I was a former athlete who never really went to the gym on my own because practice would give me the conditioning and strength training I needed. I started going to the gym changed some of my eating habits but still struggled to get the weight off. I reached out to Sam after hearing recommendations from friends about how amazing he was. He blew my expectations out of the water. Sam supported me and gave me more knowledge on exercise and nutrition than I could ever dream of having. Before working with Sam,  I didn’t know what to do in the gym or what lean protein even meant. I was sort of following a program at the gym, would come home drink a protein shake and thought I was good to go. Sam taught me how to in cooperate more filling foods into my diet in ways I actually like, while still being able to go out regularly with friends for margaritas! Now, I can play with the campers at work and not feel like I need a nap or an xl coffee after. I have more energy and a better mindset all thanks to Sam’s guidance. I would recommend Sam to ANYONE who is looking to live a healthier life. Online training was one of the best investments I think I could have made in my 20’s.

Caitlin M.

Caitlin’s Transformation

Nutrition coaching by Sam was undoubtedly one of the best investments I have EVER made. Having known Sam since 2009, I knew his services would be top tier and had high expectations. But damn did he blow my expectations out of the water. His passion and commitment to his clients are unparalleled. He constantly kept me in check with my goal of reducing my body fat, making informed adjustments along the way. As a college athlete who has a passion in strength training, I consider myself knowledgeable in the realm of fitness and nutrition. However, on a consistent basis, I found myself learning new concepts and skills through my experience with Sam. Dieting can be complex and difficult; the communication and knowledge from Sam made my dieting experience so much easier and surprisingly fun. If you are serious about transforming your body and life, I cannot recommend Sam enough. His guidance and mentorship is invaluable.

Matt G.

Matt’s Transformation

Training with Sam not only got me into shape, but also educated me on the proper ways to workout. I have always been someone who loves a good daily workout, but was not getting the results I wanted and never understood why. This is why I went to Sam and he showed me the proper weight loss training exercises. It was certainly not easy, but Sam motivated me every session to never give up and after each and every session, I left feeling better about myself. My overall experience with Sam was nothing but positive and was extremely beneficial. I learned a lot and now I have the skills he taught me for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend him if you are serious about improving your exercise routine!

Mary O.


When I began thinking of getting a trainer was at the last leg of my recovery process for my back injury. I wanted to begin lifting again but after not being able to for a year and a half I was struggling and getting frustrated by having to start all over again. My goal was just to be able to lift again without pain and to regain the strength/ muscle I had lost. Working with you surpassed my expectations, I was able to lift without bother my injury and started to see changes within the first few weeks and continued to throughout the whole time I worked with you. What I especially liked was that you invested your time to really make a program that worked for me instead of just using a cookie cutter program like most do.

Adriona S.

Adriona’s Transformation

People like Sam Forget are few and far between. His passion for his profession is truly contagious. He continuously hammers home that training is more than lifting a bar over one’s head, and provides the pathway to not only make one stronger and smarter in the weight room, but in life as well. His mannerism is infectious and within a few sessions of working with him, I felt like I became a better person. He attacks every day with a purpose, and the vigorous work ethic is always there. More importantly, Sam not only becomes a mentor, but a friend as well. His ability to relate to his clients separates him from most trainers. Sam has impacted my life in more ways than one and has instilled in me the invincible will to succeed, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

John R.


I started with Sam having already lost about 30 pounds, but I had hit a plateau in my progress. I was feeling dissatisfied and discouraged with my workouts. Starting with Sam, I immediately started losing weight again. I gained more knowledge on the movements that I was doing and felt confident in the gym for the first time ever. I learned proper form and nutrition that I was able to be consistent with. This programming is very flexible and takes a lot of the guess work out of your hands, which in turn, leads to great results. I know going forward that I have what I need to achieve my fitness goals.

Jeff G.

Jeff's Transformation

Jeff’s Transformation

I had the pleasure of playing basketball with Sam in high school and in practice I always had to go against him. I knew the only way for me to elevate my game was to work harder and get stronger and that’s when I started working out with Sam. He added a whole new dimension to my game and  challenged and pushed me to always do better… he is passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their athleticism and also, because he is a great motivator.

Frank O.


As a student under Sam Forget, I can personally guarantee nobody is like him. Sam’s knowledge of how to train someone is exceptional. It doesn’t matter if your experienced with working out or if it’s your first time, Sam can and will help. He is not only knowledgable, but he is also one of nicest kids I know. He will be your biggest supporter and can motivate you to new heights. To me there is no greater trainer or person that you can hire than Sam Forget.

Matt W.


I hired Sam to take my lifestyle to the next level. I was very ignorant when it comes to thinking I was informed and I knew it all for my goals. Little did I know with a little help from you I could exceed my expectations and take myself to a physique I thought I could never attain. I have had many achievements with you . Let’s start with getting extremely lean to being able to finish a 7 mike road race in under 52 minutes. Another achievement was a successful bulk leading me to second place in my first ever powerlifting competition. I would recommend Sam to others because there is so much more people can learn. I would consider myself advanced in this field but no where near an expert. So why not hire one to take it to the next level?

Justin M.

Justin’s transformation

Sam’s online training was such a positive experience for me. With his guidance, I now know how to create my own workouts (something I used to always struggle with) and what I need to do in the kitchen to be successful. He was so supportive and always knew the right thing to say. I especially loved how organized everything was, it made for a smooth transition to my being on my own. Definitely recommend!

Heather G.

Heather’s transformation

 I took a leap of faith, reaching out to Sam one night after feeling repulsed at what I saw in the mirror. Usually, when trying to lose weight, I resorted to eating 200-300 calories per day and obsessively working out . Of course I saw results from my “dieting” but would quickly crash and burn and gain most of it back, if not more. I was scared, embarrassed and narrow minded going into this journey, but Sam was there every step of the way, providing me with the motivation,  inspiration and encouragement among technical pointers and nutrition guides that I needed. What I admire most about this program is the humanistic and personal approach to weight-loss. Sam accepts and acknowledges that we are human and some days may be not as great as others, but when we do have those days, there is always an important lesson to be learned. Through the check ins, I never felt alone in this process and felt like it was incredibly easy to be honest t and tell Sam how I was really feeling. Weight loss with me has always been a bit of a mind game, and Sam gave me the essential tools to look and feel great about myself in a sustainable and healthy way. My views on working out, eating and motivation have changed to create a new outlook in life that I will certainly carry with me wherever I end up!

Sarah K.

Sarah’s Transformation

I made one of the best investments I’ve made and started training with Sam Forget. When we started, Sam was very thorough in explaining how he was going to help me reach my goals. He explained how the body works together, why we do this, and why I shouldn’t do that: my mind was blown. I’ll be honest; the only reason I started to workout was to get stronger and look better, but that evolved into a love for lifting and moving weight. After every session, I look forward to the next – all because of Sam’s motivation and pure passion for helping others.

Adam B.


Hiring Sam was a no-brainer to me. I got to a point where I was really just unhappy with my body, and didn’t know where else to really look to for help. I had worked at the YMCA and had a few classes with Sam, and if there was going to be anyone that I would work with, I knew it would be him. I remembered him being a genuine, caring person that was always willing to help out. So I decided to reach out to him. Thanks to Sam’s help I have exceeded where I thought I would be. With Sam keeping me accountable, and providing the workouts and diet feedback, I cut down my excess fat and have built muscle. I continue to recommend Sam to everyone. Investing in online training was investing in my future self. It definitely was an adjustment at first, but once I got into the hang of a healthy routine, and diet, I really saw some great results. It has led to more confidence in myself, and a happier, healthier lifestyle. I cant thank Sam enough for pushing me when I absolutely needed it and holding me accountable for hitting my goals.

Tyler C.

Tyler’s transformation

Deciding to work with Sam was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. In five months with Sam I lost almost 20lbs, but what’s more important is everything I gained. For the first time ever, I am genuinely proud of my body and its capabilities. Sam completely changed my relationship with food/exercise from a negative one to a positive one. What I love the most about Sam is that he provides realistic advice and he genuinely cares about seeing his clients succeed. Sam was not only a trainer for me, but a teacher, motivator and most importantly my biggest supporter. I am forever grateful for Sam providing me exactly what I needed to finally make the changes that I spent years trying to make on my own.

Danielle A.

Danielle’s transformation

I worked with Sam for about 9 months, during which time my strength and endurance increased immensely. Sam is extremely knowledgeable across the spectrum of exercises, as well as a great understanding of the workings of the body. He was able to adjust my training cycle by cycle to better fit my needs and desires. He also was always available to answer any questions I had about any fitness or health related topic. I will definitely be training with Sam in the future when time allows for it and would recommend him to anyone trying to get stronger and healthier.

Kyle L.


I hired Sam a few weeks after I finished my senior year of college. The biggest reason was because I put on a few extra pounds towards the end of my college career celebrating finishing up. Growing up I had always been able to eat whatever I wanted and stay thin. But as I’m sure most of us know by now as you get older your body changes and one day I looked in the mirror and was unsatisfied with what I saw. That’s where Sam came in. He taught me a lot about accountability and measuring food and controlling portions when I had never even considered that before. I was making a lot of good progress right away, but then I tore my tricep tendon and I thought everything was going to fall apart since I needed surgery. However, Sam stuck with me and gave me a lot of nutritional advice and even workout tips even when I couldn’t move my arm! Over all I lost about 15 pounds throughout the whole process and got right back in shape despite my injury. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone who has some basic knowledge and exercising and looking to take it to the next level! Sam is a great guy and I know he will take care of you as long as you match the effort that he gives you!

Kelley S.

Kelley’s Transformation

I engaged Sam to help me stay focused on my weight loss efforts. I’m down 25 lbs. but still have work to do. One of the things Sam preaches is patience. This has been the biggest change to the way I approached losing weight. In the past, I was usually too aggressive, looking for the quick results. By taking the long view, I found that it’s easier to adopt better habits around my eating while not feeling like I have to starve myself. Even with the occasional “bad” week, the trend line over the past three months shows a consistent decline.

Mike J.


When I decided to hire Sam 15 months ago I was very discouraged about how I looked and felt and knew I needed to make changes. I also needed someone to hold me accountable and understand that I wasn’t going to be perfect. I wasn’t sure this could be accomplished via online training but was proved wrong. We had daily conversations and I felt like Sam was watching me everyday. I have dropped 29 pounds and feel much healthier. I’ve been able to do it at my pace while still enjoying food and drink I like. I’ve also focused on my sleeping as I now see its value in the overall training. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone that is looking for a trainer that understands every day isn’t a perfect day but also will give you the kick in the butt when needed

Jim D.

Jim’s transformation

I first learned of Sam through my nephew, who strongly recommended Sam due to the enormous fitness strides he made under his coaching. I reached out to Sam in a phone consult and shortly into the conversation, I realized that he was very passionate, knowledgeable and professional in communicating his approach to fitness and nutrition. He sounded like he genuinely cared about me reaching my fitness goals whether or not I decided to hire him. After completing the first cycle with Sam, I was a bit discouraged because I wanted rapid fire progress. However, after a brief phone consult and detailed emails, Sam was able to identify some of my missteps and provide an effective approach that helped me accurately measure and stay within my daily calorie range, inclusive of approaches to eating out, social events, etc. It’s been a very manageable process that I can easily sustain for life. I have lost approximately 10 pounds over an 8 week span. I look and feel better, but more importantly, I have a much greater knowledge base about training and nutrition that will help me successfully reach and maintain my fitness goals. For those reasons, I would highly recommend Sam to others.

Julian J.

Julian’s Transformation

I hired Sam because I was unhappy with how I looked and felt both in and out of the gym. I have always struggled with gaining weight and although I have an athletic background, I have never been one of the “big or strong” guys. I always worked out but never saw real progress. With Sam I’ve gained significant weight (over 10 lbs) and it is almost completely muscle. I finally feel like what I’ve done is paying off and it’s because of Sam. I can’t recommend Sam or his services enough if you are serious about reaching your fitness (& confidence) goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

Freddy D.

Freddy’s transformation

Learning how to be accountable for my food choices has really helped me.  I would take pics of my food and send them to Sam to keep my on track. Knowing we were doing this together made me very aware of everything I was eating, from making sure I was keeping to my calorie goal to eating enough protein.  It was so helpful. Thanks, Sam!

Maureen J.

Maureen’s transformation