…You’d Be Surprised How Many Popular Fat Loss Tactics are a Waste of Time

I’d like to tell you about my good friend and online client, Andrea.

When we began working together, she had been struggling to make progress. She’d tried the most common rapid fat loss methods…

  • Sub-1000 calorie diets
  • Two-a-day’s at the gym
  • Banning a bunch of her favorite foods
  • Super long cardio sessions

Unbeknownst to her, these methods don’t work.

As a result, her efforts were wasted–and she was frustrated as hell.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

You do everything you’re “supposed to do” and never see visible change.

How does everybody else make transformations seem so much easier than they really are?

All you want is a body you’re comfortable with, but it seems so damn far away.

Maybe even totally unrealistic.

Is confidence in your body too much to ask for?

Lucky for you, this struggle isn’t your fault–I mean that. You’ve just been spending your time on the wrong things.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is largely revenue-driven, not results-driven. Which means your credit card is the priority, not your success.

But with a few simple changes, you could say Andrea made out okay for herself:

Andrea’s 70 pound transformation

Here’s Why the Most Popular Fat Loss Tactics Never Work for You

✕ Super low calorie diets

The initial drop in food intake causes a drop in water weight, which can be motivating (at first).

But after a week or two, you feel deprived and inevitably go back to your old eating habits.

✕ Living in the gym

Fat loss comes from your diet, not your workouts.

Relying on your workouts to transform your body is a battle you’ll never win.

✕ Eliminating your favorite foods

If your diet has an end date, it’s a terrible approach to eating.

My online clients only eat in a way they can continue with for a lifetime. We’re regular people, not health nuts.

✕ Lots of cardio

While cardio can be beneficial for heart health, it’s pretty ineffective for fat loss.

It feels useful because it’s exhausting, but sweat and soreness don’t actually mean anything.


So if these ‘traditional methods’ don’t work, what actually does?

You’re about to find out.

By reading this page, you’ve taken the first step to putting yourself at a massive advantage. You’ll learn the solution to your transformation woes, saving you years of trial and effort and countless wasted dollars.

Let’s talk about…

The Hercules Performance Online Training Program

As a Hercules Performance online client, you can expect…

  • Zero confusion about how to eat to transform your body
  • Total accountability to your customized exercise program
  • A daily support system so you never feel alone
  • To finally stop worrying about how you look
  • Rapid progress that’s actually sustainable
  • To learn the skills to be successful over a lifetime
  • Complete confidence in your body (both in AND out of clothes)
  • A better quality of life

You can request an online training application here:

Why listen to me?

You might be wondering why you should take my word on body transformations.

I get that.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT some kind of elitist fitness robot who expects perfection from his clients.

Here’s who I AM:

A guy who’s spent nearly 10 years making his fair share of mistakes in the gym and in the kitchen. More importantly, a guy who is willing to admit those mistakes—so you don’t have to make them.

I’ve wasted countless hours and dollars on things that didn’t work. Unlike a lot of other “fitness people,” I’ve been out of shape before.

I know what it’s like to be frustrated, ashamed, and disappointed in myself.

I’m talking 20% body fat and out of breath from a single flight of stairs. But I crawled my way back to where I needed to be:

If I’m being totally honest… I have NO clue why I put my hands up like Frankenstein for these photos. Oh well, you get the point

Because of this experience, my approach might be different than what you expect. I’m not the trainer from the Planet Fitness commercials, screaming like a drill sergeant.

Fitness should be a part of your life—not your entire life.

Why Hercules Performance Online Training is a Step Above the Rest

When it comes to body transformations, our online training program is as good as it gets. Here’s why:

✓ This isn’t my side job, or back-up plan. Unlike a lot of online trainers, I do this full-time. If I wasn’t really good at this, I wouldn’t be able to.

I work with clients in person, too. Many online trainers have never actually worked with real, live human beings–which is crucial for being an effective online trainer.

✓ Although I have a degree in Exercise Science, and a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, my online system isn’t overcomplicated or ridiculously fancy.

✓ The plan and recommendations you’ll get are built from scratch. You won’t find a single “ready to go” workout plan on my laptop. This leads to faster results for YOU.

✓ Most importantly: I’ve built the online system into one that creates accountability, so you’ll be successful even when you’re not feeling motivated.

You won’t find a more comprehensive online service out there.

Don’t Just Take It From Me

I understand that investing in an online service can be daunting.

How can you trust that this program will actually work?

You see fitness products and services all the time.

To ease your mind, here’s how regular people just like you have fared with our online program:

Sam is by far, one of the most knowledgeable, positive, and motivating coaches. There is a lot more to the weight loss journey than I initially thought, but with Sam’s help and guidance it has been nothing but a positive, and rewarding experience working with him.

Andrea G.

Andrea's Transformation

Andrea’s Transformation

Nutrition coaching by Sam was undoubtedly one of the best investments I have EVER made. Having known Sam since 2009, I knew his services would be top tier and had high expectations. But damn did he blow my expectations out of the water. His passion and commitment to his clients are unparalleled. 

Matt G.

Matt’s Transformation

I was able to lift without bothering my injury, and started to see changes within the first few weeks, and continued to throughout the whole time I worked with you. What I especially liked was that you invested your time to really make a program that worked for me instead of just using a cookie cutter program like most do.

Adriona S.

Adriona’s Transformation

I started with Sam having already lost about 30 pounds, but I had hit a plateau in my progress. I was feeling dissatisfied and discouraged with my workouts. Starting with Sam, I immediately started losing weight again. I gained more knowledge on the movements that I was doing and felt confident in the gym for the first time ever. 

Jeff G.

Jeff's Transformation

Jeff’s Transformation

Sam’s online training was such a positive experience for me. With his guidance, I now know how to create my own workouts (something I used to always struggle with) and what I need to do in the kitchen to be successful. He was so supportive and always knew the right thing to say. I especially loved how organized everything was, it made for a smooth transition to my being on my own. Definitely recommend!

Heather G.

Heather’s transformation

 What I admire most about this program is the humanistic and personal approach to weight-loss. Sam accepts and acknowledges that we are human and some days may be not as great as others, but when we do have those days, there is always an important lesson to be learned. Through the check ins, I never felt alone in this process and felt like it was incredibly easy to be honest and tell Sam how I was really feeling.

Sarah K.

Sarah’s Transformation

Deciding to work with Sam was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. In five months with Sam I lost almost 20lbs, but what’s more important is everything I gained. For the first time ever, I am genuinely proud of my body and its capabilities. Sam completely changed my relationship with food/exercise from a negative one to a positive one. 

Danielle A.

Danielle’s transformation

I hired Sam because I was unhappy with how I looked and felt both in and out of the gym. I have always struggled with gaining weight and although I have an athletic background, I have never been one of the “big or strong” guys. I always worked out but never saw real progress. With Sam I’ve gained significant weight (over 10 lbs) and it is almost completely muscle. I finally feel like what I’ve done is paying off and it’s because of Sam. I can’t recommend Sam or his services enough if you are serious about reaching your fitness (& confidence) goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

Freddy D.

Freddy’s transformation

Learning how to be accountable for my food choices has really helped me… Knowing we were doing this together made me very aware of everything I was eating, from making sure I was keeping to my calorie goal to eating enough protein.  It was so helpful. Thanks, Sam!

Maureen J.

Maureen’s transformation

You can begin your own transformation by requesting an application here:

This Program Is Not For Everybody

I know what I’m great at. I’m not a “I can help you achieve all your fitness goals” kind of trainer. In fact, I’m the opposite.

I frequently turn down clients who aren’t a good fit for the program. I’m not out for a quick buck. My program isn’t for you if…

  • You’re a competitive athlete or lifter
  • You’re dealing with lots of injuries
  • You’re not willing to exercise 3+ times per week
  • You’re a bodybuilder or physique athlete
  • You’re looking for a quick fix

I help regular people look really damn good and feel amazing. That’s it.

What’s It Cost?

I’ll be honest with you. If somebody’s first question is, “How much?”

…That’s a red flag for me.

My current clients see the online training program as an investment, not a cost. For the dollars you do spend, you’ll…

  • Save way more money on future scams and gimmicks
  • Have a much shorter path to a complete body transformation
  • Acquire lifelong knowledge of where to spend your valuable time
  • Gain mental energy back, as I take all decision-making into my hands

That’s a MASSIVE return.

But as a general reference, you can work with me online for just under the cost of a weekly personal training session.

Which makes the investment a no-brainer.

There IS a big financial risk involved, though. By not participating in the program, you’ll inevitably spend FAR more money throughout your life on BS scams, crappy personal trainers, ridiculous cleanses, and fad diets.

Far more than you’d ever spend on the online program. You can invest in yourself and request an online training application here:

Decision Time

Can you really afford to keep winging it and just pray something will miraculously change?

You’ve got two options here:

Option 1 is to leave this page, go back to what’s been getting you zero visible results, and act surprised that nothing changed.

Option 2 is to decide you’re done spinning your wheels, and invest in a program that will transform your body–without deprivation, misery, and frustration.

I’ll go ahead and assume there’s no grey area about what you should do.

As a final reminder, here’s what you get with the Hercules Performance Online Training Program:

  • Zero confusion about how to eat to transform your body
  • Total accountability to your customized workout program
  • A daily support system so you never feel alone
  • To finally stop worrying about how you look
  • Rapid progress that’s actually sustainable
  • To learn the skills to be successful over a lifetime
  • Complete confidence in your body (both in AND out of clothes)
  • A better quality of life

Not to mention…

  • Access to the same nutritional coaching that helped Andrea shed 70 pounds of body fat
  • Customized workouts that can be done when and where YOU prefer
  • The exact system that helped me make my own transformation

You can make the right choice by requesting an online training application here:


Still have questions?

Excellent. That tells me you’re serious about finally making some changes.

Here are the most commonly asked questions:

Q) How does online training work?

Don’t worry, we aren’t Skyping during your workouts.

Each month, you will get a customized exercise program, nutritional guidelines, a weight management system, goal-setting structures, email check-ins, and more.

Q) How long is the program?

I have a four month minimum commitment, which weeds out “quick fixers.” After that, it’s month to month.

Many of my clients stay with me for much longer for the sake of continued accountability.

Q) Why not just hire an in-person trainer?

You could. I’m not saying it doesn’t work–I still have a small in-person client base. But you’re only with a trainer for an hour or so, a few times per week. What do you do for the other 165 hours?

An online trainer can be a “trainer in your pocket,” helping you navigate through real-life stressors, social pressure, and a lack of motivation. Not to mention, online training is far more affordable. Many good trainers are $85+ per hour.

To have a few private sessions per week, it’d run you $1,000+ per month. Online training services cost far less, for far greater value.

Q) Do I need to be advanced?

No. I’ll meet you wherever you’re at, and structure your program accordingly.

Q) Do I need a gym membership?

No, you don’t. I’ve worked with plenty of online clients who prefer to exercise at home.

However, having access to at least resistance bands and light dumbbells is ideal.

Q) What if I’m currently injured?

I’m not a physical therapist, nor will I pretend to be one. If you have a few chinks in the armor, see the appropriate professional before coming to me.

That being said, we can almost always work around “little stuff.”

Q) What if I want to build muscle? Do you only specialize in fat loss?

I specialize in body transformations. In other words, both losing body fat and building lean muscle.

I don’t work with powerlifters, CrossFitters or bodybuilders. I work with regular people who want to feel confident with their bodies. If this describes you, we could be a good fit.

Q) I feel comfortable with working out, but I need help with nutrition. Can you help?

I do offer an online nutrition-only option. However, I only offer three spots per month in that program.

Q) How long will it take to see results?

My good friend and online client Matt got these results in under 10 weeks:

Each person is different, but if you stick to the plan you can expect noticeable changes in as little as 4-6 weeks.


I should mention—spots in the online training program are hard to come by.

I have to limit spots to ensure a highly comprehensive service. As a result, there’s frequently a waiting list.

(This isn’t a marketing tactic. I quite literally cannot take on tons of clients with how involved this service is. It’s logistically impossible.)

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting a spot, don’t wait to request an application:

There’s one last thing for you to consider:

How would it feel to finally feel completely comfortable in your own skin?

And to be able to do it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived and miserable?

And to have complete certainty that you’ll always be in control of how you look?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do together: