When I started Hercules Performance, its initial lack of growth wasn’t my fault.

It was because I was only 19 and people didn’t take me seriously.

It was because I was doing in-home sessions and didn’t have a studio.

It was because I was still in school and had limited time and energy after class.

…Or so I claimed.

Then I was given a dose of reality in the form of seemingly harsh business advice:

“Everything is your fault.”

My lack of business growth had nothing to do with my age or situation.

That lack of growth was a direct result of every action I’d ever taken since launching.

In short, its lack of success was 100% on me.

Playing the blame game was my way of letting myself off the hook for failures.

The transition

Truthfully, I don’t remember how or where I heard that advice.

I do remember my initial thinking being, “Yeah, but my situation is unique and…” blah, blah, blah.

Maybe I was just being defensive because I knew it was true.

I could sit there and argue that it was extra hard for me because of X, Y, and Z, but…

A) Who cares


B) That didn’t do anything for the business

So I stopped my bullshitting and began to take responsibility for 100% of the things that happened to me and business.

In less than two years, my business had grown nearly tenfold.

What does this have to do with body transformations?

Okay, cool Sam. Your business grew. Woop-dee-doo. What does this have to do with my body transformation?

I’m going to give you the same reality check that changed my business—and my life.

The way you look, the way you feel right now… the way you can’t stand.

It’s your fault.

It’s not because of “bad genetics.”

It’s not because you’re “getting older.”

It’s not because of your “slow metabolism.”

It’s not because you “don’t have time.”

It’s because you’ve consciously made countless poor choices that have taken you directly to this point.

And you can sit here and try to convince yourself that your situation is different, that it’s extra hard for you… but what will that do for your results?

There is nobody to blame for where you’re at but you.

Sound harsh?

I’m okay with that. Because once you get past the initial “ouch,” you’ll feel empowered.

You know why?

Because the second you take responsibility for your own failures is the second you regain control of your future success.

If you never do that, you’ll never transform your body.

When this clicked for me, I started doing business a lot differently. I decided every bad thing that happened was solely my fault—and that gave me power.

If my actions were responsible for the outcomes I didn’t want, they could also be responsible for the outcomes I did want.

Instead of, “That wasn’t my fault,” it became, “What could I do differently to get the outcome I want?”

That simple shift in thinking opens your mind to realm of possibilities. As a result, it changes your actions.

Taking control

Let’s pretend that you’ve left your excuses in the last paragraph, and decided that your lack of progress is your fault.

You’ve successfully taken the first step to a successful body transformation—a step most of us never take.

You’re now in complete control of your future success. Now what?

Going forward, you’ll make decisions that get you closer to your transformation goals. Things like…

1. Consciously making better food choices

(Instead of pretending that you couldn’t help but “slip up”)

2. Tracking and measuring your food intake

(Instead of making zero effort to learn how)

3. Scheduling 3-4 weekly strength training workouts

(Instead of choosing to use the “time” excuse)

4. Getting to bed earlier so you’re not so tired

(Instead of deciding to stay up on your phone)

I’m not claiming these tasks will be easy, but they are very much within your control.

It’s normal to take credit for our successes and distance ourselves from our failures.

You’ll never hear someone admit… “I’m out of shape because I knowingly made poor health decisions for several years. It’s my fault.”

But you’ll always hear… “I’m not in the best shape right now, but life just gets in the way you know?”

Guess which person is going to get better results?

I’ll spare you the rhetorical answer. 

Fortunately, you can choose which person you’re going to be:

1) The person who blames everything but themselves for their lack of success


2) The person who owns their failures, and ultimately… their future success

The ball’s in your court.

Always is.

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