Have you ever had a really good week of eating, only to fall off track Friday night?

But Friday’s small slip-up turned into a big Saturday morning brunch, followed by another night of bar food and beer.

On Sunday, you don’t bother getting back on track. Because on Monday, you’re going to be extra strict with your nutrition to “make up for it.”

My online client Tina fell into that cycle that many of us do, but it happened almost every week.

Toss in stress eating, deprivation, and self-sabotage, and she was constantly struggling with overeating. It led her to a bodyweight of almost 300 pounds.

What she didn’t realize, was that her overeating was a symptom. The cause?

Her relationship with food.

By mending that relationship, she was able to reduce food-related guilt, stress, and anxiety. Oh, and she happened to lose 100(!) pounds in the process.

To learn how you can do the same, check out the full article HERE.

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