Looking Amazing Shouldn’t Be Confusing & Stressful

I’m going to reveal a sad truth about the fitness industry…

How does a thriving, multibillion dollar industry, still leave most people totally unhappy with their body?

⇨ Because they purposely complicate things for you.

If their plans actually worked, you wouldn’t need to buy from them anymore.

They secretly want you to fail because it will line their pockets.

I think that’s absurd, and that ends right here.

I’d like you to tell you about…

A Simple Guide For Sculpting Your Body

(A 12 Week Fat Loss Program… & Last Program You’ll Ever Need)

Transforming your body isn’t nearly as confusing as you’ve been led to believe.

In fact, let me tell you some things you’ve been wasting your time worrying about:

  • How often you eat
  • How many meals to eat
  • What time to eat and not eat
  • Which exercises to do
  • How many workouts to do

Simply put…

When it comes to looking amazing, very few factors actually matter. In fact, there’s only a handful that make a difference.

Sarah’s Journey (Does This Sound Like You?)

Helping regular people look their absolute best is the only thing I do.

I work with people who are tired of feeling like they need a PhD in exercise physiology to actually lose body fat.

People like my online client, Sarah.

When Sarah first reached out to me, she was pretty damn frustrated. She wasn’t sure if she should be worrying about:

  • Avoiding carbs
  • Not eating late at night
  • Working out 4, 5, or 6 days per week
  • Being perfect on her plan all the time

No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t see consistent results.

But that wasn’t her fault.

She was simply worrying about the wrong things.

More specifically, she was worrying about too many things. Once we drastically narrowed her priorities, she did pretty damn well:

She’s Not Alone

Sarah isn’t the only person I’ve worked with who fell prey to fitness marketing foolishness.

I’ve worked with and helped countless people who were stressing the non-essential.

They just didn’t know what actually mattered–yet.

They were concerning themselves with nonsense like…

  • Which fattening foods to avoid
  • The best exercises for fat loss
  • Eating every 2 hours

After simplifying the process, this is how they made out:

Even Fitness Professionals Fall For It

You’d think that as a professional, and lifelong fitness enthusiast, that I’d be immune from the BS.


You name it, I’ve wasted my time on it. Fancy training techniques, expensive supplements, overcomplicated programs.

I stressed every single thing (and more) there was to stress about.

Things like meal timing, micronutrient composition, work to rest ratios, “perfect” programming.

⇨ There was a time when I would legitimately get anxious after eating a carb, because I thought it had blown my fat loss progress.

⇨ There was a time when I would panic if I couldn’t eat every 2-3 hours, thinking my metabolism would “slow down.”

⇨ There was a time when I wouldn’t fully enjoy my time with friends, afraid that alcohol was going to cause fat gain.

It’s easy to get away from the basics. It’s easy to get tricked into thinking little things have a big impact.

But once we strip away the fluff, progress is inevitable.

I lost over 20 pounds WITHOUT focusing on foolishness like eating every 2-3 hours

What Makes A Simple Guide So Special?


Abso-freaking-lutely nothing.

Nothing? Why would I want it then?

The lack of “specialness” is what MAKES this the best program you’re going to find.

There are no meaningless bells and whistles.

There are no unnecessary moving parts.

I’ve whittled down the process to only the things that matter.

Only the things that make a huge impact.

A Simple Guide isn’t some top secret system. It’s created from science-backed, proven methods that I’ve put in an easy to follow format. This way, you can finally spend your time on things that matter.

This program works because I didn’t try to make it “sexy.”

Which makes it better than 99.99% of gimmicky programs out there.

Who A Simple Guide is for:

I put together this program with a very clear picture of who it could help:

  • Someone who is confused about how to transform their body
  • Someone who is stressed about the massive amounts of contradicting fitness information
  • Someone who is willing and ready to put in time and effort–but doesn’t know where to direct it
  • Someone who isn’t interested in getting a PhD in exercise physiology to finally look amazing

Who A Simple Guide isn’t for:

I also know who A Simple Guide will NOT help. If any of these describe you, this program is not for you:

  • Someone who hops from program to program
  • Someone who isn’t patient and wants overnight results
  • Someone who doesn’t trust the process and bails for any reason
  • Someone who isn’t willing to work really hard (I said this would be simple, not easy)

Your Confusion Ends Now

Let’s discuss your investment.

I say “investment,” because you can repeat this program over and over. You’ll actually save money down the line, because you won’t ever need to waste money on another program.

Unlike the rest of the fitness industry, I’m not out to trick you.


The full value of what I’m offering is $273 dollars.

That’s less than the cost of a few personal training sessions with me.

Can you imagine having the body you’ve always wanted for that cheap?

By investing in A Simple Guide, you’ll get access to…

  • Two nutritional systems proven to transform bodies ($29 value)
  • Nutritional FAQ section tackling your most burning diet questions ($19 value)
  • A program overview and cardio section ($19 value)
  • An exercise FAQ discussing everything fitness that you need to know ($29 value)
  • The BONUS section: commonly overlooked fat loss factors ($19 value)
  • Printable nutritional and progress trackers ($19 value)
  • The actual Simple Guide 12 week workout program ($139 value)

Total value: $273

Notice I didn’t say “$999.99”? I’m trying to keep up with the whole “not scamming you” thing.

Not only that, but by investing right now you’ll get…

  • Access to the Hercules Performance Facebook group
  • A full month of email support after purchase
  • A program built on a system you can repeat over a lifetime

Even at $273, this program would be a steal. For well under the cost of two weeks of in-person training with me, you can access a lifetime of results.

But I’ll do you one better:

I’m going to give it you for just $69–roughly the cost of a single personal training session with me.


⇨ Because unlike most of the fitness industry, I don’t want a ridiculous price tag standing in the way of your transformation.

$273 $69

Buy Now

Fair Warning

Do you really think it’s a good idea to pass up on this investment?

I’m going to give you a friendly heads up… one of these two things is going to happen:

1) You’re going to close this page, and go back to whatever you were doing before. Within a few weeks, you’re going to be wildly frustrated with fitness again.

Which would be fair, because everybody and their mother makes this process unnecessarily complicated.


2) You decide you’re done majoring in the minors, and that you only want to spend your valuable time and energy on what matters.

At that point, you’d (wisely) invest in this program, giving you access to simple, science-backed fitness, and more importantly… the ability to finally look amazing.

I know which one I’d choose…

As a final reminder, here’s what you get by investing in A Simple Guide:

  • 2 nutritional systems that are ridiculously effective for fat loss
  • 12 weeks of expert exercise programming
  • 40+ printable nutrition and exercise trackers to help guarantee results

Not to mention:

  • Access to the same exact system that helped create all those transformation photos
  • A bonus section, which discusses overlooked fat loss obstacles (that most programs totally ignore)
  • Discover the three (yes, it’s only three) fitness factors you need to worry about in order to look your best

Get access to all this (and more) right now:

Buy Now

Still on the Fence?

How about this for reassurance…

In the ridiculously unlikely scenario that you’re not completely content with your investment, I’ll refund every last penny.

No more worrying about being scammed by the fitness industry.

Buy Now


Let’s tackle the most common questions I get about A Simple Guide:

(Q) Why would I pay for a program when there’s so much free information online?

I’m just going to say it… if that free information was working so well for you, would you be reading this right now?

Before you get upset with me for saying that, let me explain: the value in this plan isn’t the actual information. In fact, most of the information in this plan can be found (for free) on this website.

Despite what fitness marketers have told you, nobody has access to secret methods that work better than widely known methods.

The value in this plan is in the step-by-step simplicity. In other words, all the pieces of the fat loss puzzle are floating around the internet. This plan puts those pieces together. If you’re a “just tell me what to do” person, this is for you.

(Q) Do I need to belong to a gym to do these workouts?

Not necessarily. But you do need access to basic equipment (barbell, dumbbells, bands, etc.).

If you work out at home and don’t have access to that equipment, this program may not be for you.

(Q) Do I need to know how to lift weights?

If you’ve never touched a weight, this program isn’t for you.

That being said, every single exercise in the program is hyperlinked to a video demo from my tutorial library. That way, you can make sure you’re doing everything safely.

(Q) How many days per week are the workouts?

This program requires 4 workouts per week.

(Q) Do I do the same 4 workouts for all 12 weeks?

The program is broken up into 3, 4 week phases. With each new phase, you will get 4 new workouts.

(Q) How long does each workout take?

Depending on how strong you are (and if you follow rest periods), these workouts will each take anywhere from 25-45 minutes.

(Q) Will I have to do cardio?


But if you enjoy it, and have the time and willingness to do it, there’s a section in the program about how to add it.

(Q) What if I’m currently injured?

Then this program probably isn’t for you. While there are exercise alternatives you’ll be able to swap to, this program requires a user to be mostly injury-free.

(Q) Will I have to track calories?

Not necessarily.

There are two nutritional systems in the program. One of them requires calorie counting, and one of them doesn’t.

(Q) Will I get a meal plan?


I’m not a fan of meal plans. Aside from advanced bodybuilders, or those with medical conditions, they’re usually a bad idea.

They don’t teach you how to eat based on nutritional principles and habits, which sets you up for failure.

Plus, I’m not a registered dietitian, so I legally can’t do it, even if I wanted to.

(Q) What if I want to build muscle?

The best way to build muscle is be really lean, first. If you have some body fat to lose and try to build muscle, a lot of your weight gain will be fat.

If you want to set yourself up for quality muscle gain, this program is a great foundation.

If you’re already at a low body fat percentage, you would benefit more from a hypertrophy-specific program.

(Q) How quickly will I see results?

It’s impossible to say, as your results will be heavily impacted by how strictly you follow this program.

Generally speaking, most women can expect 5-20 pounds of fat loss. Most men can expect 10-30 pounds of fat loss.

Let’s just say this: if you consistently follow this program for all 12 weeks, you’re going to be pretty damn happy with the outcome.

(Q)  What do I do after the 12 weeks are up?

The nutritional systems outlined in this plan can (and should) be your eating blueprint for weeks, months, and years to come.

The program can be run as many times as you prefer.

Buy Now

One Last Thing…

I forgot to mention…

By not investing this program, you risk wasting even more…

  • Valuable time
  • Precious energy
  • Hard-earned cash

…on plans that don’t work (and aren’t even designed to).

So, if you’re done getting scammed with overpriced and overcomplicated plans, you need to act.

How awesome would it feel to no longer worry about…

  • Only eating at certain times of the day
  • Slaving away in the gym for hours with fancy training protocols
  • Avoiding certain foods or food groups
  • Having to exercise every damn day

More specifically, how would it feel to do that in just 12 weeks and without spending a fortune?

Not bad, right?

Well, you can have that (and more) with just one click:

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